Mission Bolivia was birthed after former missionaries, Seth and Ashley Powell returned to the US with a desire to meet the great financial needs associate with Christian ministry. Mission Bolivia seeks to provide resources for the expressed purpose of evangelical ministry and Christian service through a partnership with local ministries, and provide support to families through advocacy, adoption support, and more. Mission Bolivia has 5 specific objectives and purposes, which are as follows: 

1. To provide oversight and resources for Christian leadership development with a missions focus.

2. To provide funds for social ministry and to meet the needs of the local church. 

3. To provide scholarship and grant opportunities (as able) for families and individuals with the purpose of furthering education. 

4. To provide resources and financial support for Christian missions and Christian education, that centered on producing Christian leaders and missionaries. 

5. To provide support and opportunity for service, advocacy, and overall Christian mission. 

If you have additional questions about what Mission Bolivia does, please reach out to us through the Contact tab above. Blessings! 


- M i s i ó n    B o l i v i a -
 "Be a goer, be a sender, don't be complacent."